WHO We Are

Metro Security, Inc. is owned and operated by Lloyd Jarreau a Louisiana resident who founded Metro Security, Inc. in 1996. 

We are a state certified security company and our guards are each individually certified through the state of Louisiana. 

WHAT Our Vision Is

We Strive to be the best and that is only accomplished by hiring men and woman who value their employment and want to be the best that they can be at it.

​We are dedicated to finding ways to continually improve ourselves, thus offering better and up to date service to our clients, while still remaining competitive in pricing.

Employment training and testing will always comply with state and local standards as long as an employee is employed with our company.

WHY do you need security?

Good Question! An extra pair of eyes never hurt anyone. Why not have a professional pair keeping watch over your property, your company, or even escorting you to and from your home and or business. Here are the services we offer. 


A large number of alarm companies do not have any type of patrol service to respond to your home or business should your alarm activate. With local law enforcement being overwhelmed with increasing crime and calls their response is often times delayed. Most alarm companies, after instullation, just monitor your system for a monthly fee.

Metro Security, Inc. will be on the scene representing you and protecting your best interest. If you are away and your property can not be secured after break in, we will remain at your property until your representative arrives. Metro Security, Inc. will not charge the client a fee to respond on any alarm activation ( real or false), as long as you are already contracting for guard or patrol service.


A vehicle patrol service is a cost effective program which provides a strong security presence on your property. Most clients not needing a full time posted guard will find that the occassional checks/inspections suit their needs and budget very well.

Our commercial security patrol service is a seven day a week program that fits our client's specific needs and is tailored differently to each property that we serve. During our random inspections our uniformed officers will conduct foot patrols, door & window checks, lock or unlock any designated area. Check for maintanance or safety hazards, respond on calls for service and alarm activtions.


Metro Security, Inc. has both armed and unarmed security officers. Our armed security guards go through all state required training and are also commissioned by the city of New Orleans to carry a  weapon. Our posted security guard service is a very effective program for clients that require professional, dependable guards to remain on site for any given time, for any type of circumstance. Our on site officer will remain on site at all contracted times.

The duty of our on-site security officer would include: criminal deterant, access control, public relations, foot or vehicle patrol, door and window checks, lock or unlock designated areas, check for any maintance or safety hazards, respond to any calls or emergencies, investigate suspicious criminal activity and submit detailed reports for each shift.

We also provide a GPS in each of our vehicle patrol units and an online tracking device that you ( the client ) can be set up to view in the convenience of your own home.


Metro Security, Inc. has a local 24 hour dispatcher to answer all calls at anytime. After receiving a call, our dispatcher will quickley send that call out to a near by patrol unit for a response. If your call is an emergency we will immediately dispatch the officer on duty, the parish police department, the director of operations and the owner of Metro Security, inc. Our dispatch unit is not a "call center" but a state certified employee stationed at our 24 hour dispatch unit.

3226 ROMAN STREET. METAIRIE. LOUISIANA. 70001                                                                                                                                PH.   504.835.5421